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Weight Loss

Reset and Rebalance for Weight Loss is an 8 week, program based on the science of the glycemic index.  You’ll learn how to make better decisions about the foods you put into your body, for more realistic and sustainable long-term results.*  

Reset and Rebalance for Weight Loss is flexible, logical, and a customized approach for individuals to tailor the program to their personal needs. Your Registered Dietitian will help guide you through your 8-week journey along with video lessons and a comprehensive workbook full of insightful ideas and activities.  

This program is different than other products because it becomes tailored around you: the foods you like, your personal challenges with wellness, and your specific goals.  Explore far beyond weight loss techniques and engage in a program full of support, realistic expectations, and balanced wellness.

Diabetes Management

Build your confidence in managing diabetes and gain control of your blood sugar!  Reset & Rebalance for Diabetes Management is a 10 week program that teaches you about all the things in life that impact your blood sugar.  Each week there will be a lesson on a new topic and then you’ll work with your Registered Dietitian to customize the content to your lifestyle and preferences.

Topics and activities include:
Blood Sugar Dysfunction
Carb Counting & Nutrition
Tracking & Monitoring
Physical Activity
Stress & Sleep
Healthy & Delicious Recipes
and so much more!

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