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Weight Loss

Reset and Rebalance for Weight Loss is based on the science of the glycemic index.  You’ll learn how to make better decisions about the foods you put into your body, for more realistic and sustainable long-term results.*  

Our approach to weight loss is flexible, logical, and completely customizable, so the entire experience is crafted around your personal needs. Your Registered Dietitian will help guide you through your journey along with educational lessons and a comprehensive workbook full of insightful ideas and activities.  

This program is different than other products because it becomes tailored around you: the foods you like, your personal challenges with wellness, and your specific goals.  Explore far beyond weight loss techniques and engage in a program full of support, realistic expectations, and balanced wellbeing.

reset rebalance nutrition immersion

Nutrition Immersion

Participants say this program offers everything you wish you had learned in school about health and nutrition.  Throughout the years, mixed media messages and competing health headlines have shaped our diets, lifestyles, and health behaviors.  Reset & Rebalance: Nutrition Immersion is an interactive program that redefines your nutrition knowledge and understanding of how different types of foods impact your overall health & wellbeing.

Each week, you will explore the latest nutrition science research and clarify fact versus fiction.  Take a deep dive into understanding the important roles of water, fiber, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, and proteins.  Mini-challenges, recipe ideas, and activities are designed to reinforce the lessons, inventory your current behaviors, and provide insight to craft a customized wellness blueprint to reach your nutrition, health, and wellness goals.

Diabetes Management

Build your confidence in managing diabetes and gain control of your blood sugar!  Reset & Rebalance for Diabetes Management is a 10 week program that teaches you about all the things in life that impact your blood sugar.  Each week there will be a lesson on a new topic and then you’ll work with your Registered Dietitian to customize the content to your lifestyle and preferences.

Topics and activities include:
Blood Sugar Dysfunction
Carb Counting & Nutrition
Tracking & Monitoring
Physical Activity
Stress & Sleep
Healthy & Delicious Recipes
and so much more!

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