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…what people are saying

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  • “I have been working with Carrie over the past few months and she has been excellent! From the start she has always had my best interest in mind and has offered me numerous ideas and options to help me get back on track with my nutrition.  I have made a lot of progress working with Carrie.  Meeting with Carrie each week has helped me to be more aware of habits that I was not as aware of before and since I've been meeting with her I can tell a difference in how I feel each day.  She is very supportive, positive, and motivating. Highly recommended!”
    AM, 2018
  • “The ladies of Summerfield definitely assist me with my diabetes management! I've been able to keep my sugar level under control without insulin! I owe it all to Summerfield Wellness.”
    MM, 2017
  • Kudos to my nutritionist Kerrie. She is thoughtful to my personal circumstances, extremely relatable, and knowledgeable about nutritional information. I am extremely lucky to have the services available to me and I am grateful to Kerrie. Just by changing a few things I feel healthier and I actually lost 10 pounds. I have a long way to go but I think with Kerrie's guidance and support, I can make it.”
    TR N
  • I wanted to thank Carrie for all you have done for me.  In 2014, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma. This type of lymphoma affects my lymph nodes, but can wax and wane. Fortunately, I have not had to have any treatments, yet. For now, I have blood work reviewed every 6 months and CT scans every year. Sometimes a few of my lymph nodes may be larger than before and then other times, some lymph nodes will be smaller.
    I started on the Reset and Rebalance program in February. I have taken the program very seriously and feel I have been successful in both weight loss and much better eating habits.  What I didn't expect was the improvement to my health. At my last CT scan in May, the results were astounding. My oncologist stated ALL of my lymph nodes were within normal ranges! If the radiologist did not know I had already been diagnosed with Lymphoma, they would have stated my CT scan showed nothing of note.
    I know this does not mean I am cancer free; I will never actually be cancer free with this form. However, to know my body is fighting back and showing normal results is amazing.  Thanks to you and the program, my health is great!
    Letter from patient, 2020
  • If you are ready to take the steps towards a healthier life or if you have been trying to deal with a chronic illness like type 2 diabetes, then Kerrie Miller is the right person for you. I was that person that thought I could handle my overweight issues; however, when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my A1c was over ten, it was time to do something. When I went to the Summerfield Custom Wellness website, I was looking for a dietitian/nutritionist with the most experience, and that is when I read Kerrie Miller’s bio. From my first meeting with Kerrie to almost a year later, I have learned how to change my eating habits and control my type 2 diabetes. My last A1c test was 6.7, and I am making better choices by reading labels to make sure that I am eating healthy foods. Furthermore, what you will not read in Kerrie’s bio is how competent, dedicated, and compassionate she is. She listens to what you have to say and then gives sound advice based on the best practices. She sends you an encouraging email, but she is not intrusive. If you are ready to change your life and eat healthier or get control of your chronic disease, then I, without hesitation, recommend Kerrie Miller for you.
    KB, 2020
  • When I could not shed the pounds that I wanted to, I knew I needed some help. Turning to Kyrstin Draney was the BEST decision. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and kept gaining weight. Kyrstin knew exactly what my body needed to get me back on track. I lost weight but more importantly, I felt great. She taught me so much about what foods I needed to support a healthy thyroid. I feel great and cannot thank her and Summerfield Wellness enough!! They made visits easy over Telehealth video and accepted my HSA payment. Easy, affordable and a LIFE CHANGER. I highly recommend Kyrstin!! She is amazing.
    MR, 2020
  • There is hope!! I am single, have a myriad of health problems, and no time to cook. I can’t eat spicy foods and found out that while I’m not allergic to gluten, it’s not very good for me. Even though I take 31 pills a day I’ve found simple recipes that I can make via microwave or blender to increase my veggie intake and balance my meals. No more SpaghettiOs, candy at night, and overeating ice cream!! I’m extremely grateful to my dietitian for her time and patience, customizing a meal plan for me and addressing not only my health issues but my countless questions. We chat online almost every week where she screen shares her ideas with me, offers real time solutions to my problems and works within my health issues to assist me in making smarter food choices. We’ve touched on issues ranging from exercise and weight loss to holiday meal planning and desserts. I’ve learned a lot about food in a short period of time and I’ve even gained confidence and understanding when reading labels on pre-packed food. I can still have a small amount of ice cream and I’m excited to try new things. Major thanks to Summerfield for compassion, knowledge, patience and understanding!!
    ML, 2019
  • I was introduced to Summerfield's nutritional services about 9 months ago when attending a nutritional seminar at work. Since then I have been meeting with my nutritionist regularly. I am beyond happy with the services. I have a whole new perspective on food and how important it is for wellness, whereas before I viewed food as "good or bad". And, it really is custom. My nutritionist takes the time to understand my daily life and habits, and advises me on easy steps to take and gives me small manageable goals over time to make sure I'm getting the necessary nutrients I need for my body with minimal disruption.
    MM, 2019
  • Life after colon cancer is challenging, and I had needed help for years but was reluctant to go to a dietitian because I was convinced I would be given a copy of the food pyramid and told to eat more fiber. I had tried to convince doctors for years that fiber was not my friend and a single cookie cutter food recommendation was not a fit for everyone. And then I met Abby!!!!! She listened to my story with interest and concern, and much to my surprise she immediately knew how to help me. I had searched for years for help with what I had been led to believe was just my 'new normal' after cancer and I could not figure out on my own the changes I needed to make. My first meeting with Abby changed my life on day one!!!! Not only am I getting help & healing but I have someone who is genuinely committed to going on the journey with me. I recommend Abby unconditionally to anyone and everyone!!!!
    MD, 2019
  • The information shared in this program was very beneficial to my overall wellness and weight loss. I feel like I have the tools to make healthy choices that are sustainable. Knowing that I had to check in with the nutritionist weekly, helped to keep me accountable to stay on track with the course and her recommendations. I would LOVE to do another program following the RESET & REBALANCE course!!! Thanks for helping me on my journey for weight loss!
    GL, 2018

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