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…what people are saying

People we've worked with love to share their success stories!

  • “Laura's approach to health and wellness is so refreshing. She understands that health is impacted by so much more than just what we eat or how much we exercise. It's also affected by sleep, relationships, environment, and so many other factors. She takes all of this into account in her counseling. She also appreciates that each person is unique: there is no one-size-fits-all approach. She takes the time and care to get to know her clients, understand their individual situation and preferences, and tailor her recommendations to what is sustainable for them. Highly recommended”
    Libby B.
  • “I have worked with Sarah for a year and a half now and the results I have had working with her have been amazing! She is very attentive to what my personal goals are. Every visit she creates a welcoming environment that makes it comfortable to discuss my nutrition, overall health, as well as my individual situation to determine what stressors I have that affects my nutrition. She has done great helping me to come up with a plan I can easily stick to. She is always ready to suggest healthy alternatives and recipes for us to try. In following her meal plans, I have improved not only my waistline, but also my overall health. I have never been successful with weight loss or keeping my nutrition where it needs to be before I started seeing her, but the proof that her suggested methods and meal plans are working is definitely noticeable by everyone around me. I would and have most definitely recommended Summerfield Custom Wellness to everyone!”
    Sabrina B.
  • "I wish I could give 10 stars. Sarah is a miracle worker. My own mother couldn't get me to eat vegetables, but Sarah did! Laura and Sarah are both extremely sincere, encouraging, and professional. They genuinely care about their clients and always so excited when they reach their goals. I have a long way to go, but I owe my success so far all to Summerfield. There are no words for how thankful I am for Laura and Sarah!"
    Kasey R.
  • "Laura is wonderful to work with. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I’m suffering from a chronic, and as of yet, undiagnosed illness. Laura has been able to help me eat better and brainstorm ways to make healthy choices a part of my life every day. The support that she’s able to lend is uncommon in today’s health professionals and it makes Laura a vital member of my health care. She has pushed me to advocate for my health and is there to sit with me in my frustration and anger. I cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge of biology, chemistry, and psychology. She has been an asset and ally on my journey back to a healthy lifestyle."
    Shana C.
  • “I have been working with Carrie over the past few months and she has been excellent! From the start she has always had my best interest in mind and has offered me numerous ideas and options to help me get back on track with my nutrition.  I have made a lot of progress working with Carrie.  Meeting with Carrie each week has helped me to be more aware of habits that I was not as aware of before and since I've been meeting with her I can tell a difference in how I feel each day.  She is very supportive, positive, and motivating. Highly recommended!”
    Ashley M.
  • “The ladies of Summerfield definitely assist me with my diabetes management! I've been able to keep my sugar level under control without insulin! I owe it all to Summerfield Wellness.”
    Melissa M.
  • “Laura's personal approach, knowledge, and encouragement with my nutritional and wellness plan has helped me accomplish goals that I did not think I would ever meet. I received a completely customized plan that fit me and because of it my energy level has improved along with my weight loss.”
    Judy R.
  • “Laura got me on the right track to living better and eating healthier. I'm definitely a "work-in-progress", but I am seeing real improvements in my weight, size, and energy levels. Laura gets results by tweaking little things so that you don't feel like your entire life has to change for you to start losing weight.”
    Terry G.
  • Kudos to my nutritionist Kerrie. She is thoughtful to my personal circumstances, extremely relatable, and knowledgeable about nutritional information. I am extremely lucky to have the services available to me and I am grateful to Kerrie. Just by changing a few things I feel healthier and I actually lost 10 pounds. I have a long way to go but I think with Kerrie's guidance and support, I can make it.”
    TR N
  • “The dietitians really helped me manage my diet without restricting my lifestyle. I've changed my eating habits slowly and learned how to work them into my everyday life. I could not have managed my disease without their help!”
    Jan M.
  • “Great advice. Maria really took time with me to figure out how to fit healthy eating into my lifestyle. She customized advice for my specific needs. Following her advice (not 100%), I am feeling great. Good health really does start with good food.”
    Tammy E.

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