Grocery Store Tours

Making sense of it all

Grocery Store Tours

It is not uncommon to enter the grocery store and go into auto-pilot.  Do you come in with a list, and you come out with one too many treats and very little produce?  Sounds like it is time to try a Grocery Store Tour!

Let’s meet up at your favorite grocery store for an aisle-by-aisle run down of how to stock a healthy grocery cart. Learn how to read labels and maneuver each area of the store.

Pantry Makeovers

When thinking about a pantry makeover, consider this… When you change the oil in your car, do you drain the old oil or do you just put new clean oil on top?  When you make a commitment to healthier eating, do you eliminate temptations or do you just add some extra produce?

Let us help you clean out the junk and temptations in your kitchen to set you up for success. Making the healthy choice the easy choice is the best way to do this and a pantry makeover is a great first step.

Grocery Store Tour - Summerfield Custom Wellness

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