Bariatric Counseling

Customized one-on-one support

While bariatric surgery is an excellent tool to facilitate weight loss, it is not a quick fix. If you are preparing for bariatric surgery, are recently post-op, or had surgery years ago we can help! As part of our bariatric program, you can expect one-on-one coaching with a Registered Dietitian and facilitated support group meetings with your peers as well as online support.

You may be seeking an accountability coach for weight maintenance or looking to overhaul your current habits to drop the weight for good. Our approach includes helping you to define your ultimate health goals, breaking down barriers for change, overcoming obstacles, and mastering the skills to transform your health and your relationship with food.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Lifestyle and behavior changes to optimize weight loss
  • Meal planning, recipes, and creating a bariatric pantry
  • Pushing past weight loss plateaus
  • Engineering eating patterns to manage hunger and cravings
  • Navigating restaurants and grocery stores
  • Mindful eating strategies at work and home
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food before and after weight loss surgery
  • Mindfulness and stress management
  • Managing food intolerances and GI distress after surgery
  • Continued support and accountability for long-term weight maintenance
  • Getting back on track after weight regain
  • Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy after weight loss surgery
  • Optimizing nutrition for sports performance
  • Prevention and management of vitamins deficiencies after weight loss surgery
Bariatric Counseling - Summerfield Custom Wellness

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