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Corporate Wellness Programs - Summerfield Custom Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Work-site programming

Workplace Wellness programs are our specialty at Summerfield Custom Wellness.  We are able to offer programs to employers with BCBSNC benefits with little to NO out-of-pocket cost to the employer or the employee! The programs are custom tailored to the unique needs of your organization but may include…

Wilmington Dietitians - Summerfield Custom Wellness

Nutrition Counseling

Customized one-on-one support

With each new patient, we begin by learning about your current lifestyle and goals. Then, we will help you develop a plan with action steps, realistic timelines, and strategies for overcoming barriers. Your customized plan may include meal planning or grocery shopping together.

Medical nutrition therapy is the recommendation for specialized eating plans to help treat medical conditions and their associated symptoms. Areas for medical nutrition therapy include…

Reset & Rebalance

Programs to reach your health goals

Our Reset & Rebalance programs are designed to provide you with a structured plan to reach your goals, while maintaining a customized and flexible approach to suit your lifestyle and taste preferences.  Whether your looking to lose weight, curb sugar cravings, or manage diabetes, we have a program to help guide you along the way!

Our nutrition services help make sense of it all!



Bariatric Counseling

Services - Summerfield Custom Wellness

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tour - Summerfield Custom Wellness

Meal Planning

Reset & Rebalance

Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management - Summerfield Custom Wellness

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