Reset & Rebalance

8-week online weight loss class

Reset and Rebalance is an 8 week, online weight loss course created by Laura Greenhow, Registered Dietitian and founder of Summerfield Custom Wellness.  Based on the science of the glycemic index, the course teaches you how to make better decisions about the foods you put into your body, for more realistic and sustainable long-term results.*  

Reset and Rebalance is flexible, logical, and a customized approach for individuals to tailor the program to their personal needs.  You are guided through your 8-week journey with video lessons and a comprehensive, print-at-home workbook full of insightful ideas and activities.

The Reset and Rebalance workbook is your comprehensive guide through the online weight loss course.  The workbook will walk you through each topic week by week.  This is different than other products, because it becomes tailored around you: the foods you like, your personal challenges with wellness, and your specific goals.  Explore far beyond weight loss techniques and engage in a program full of support, realistic expectations, and balanced wellness.


Reset and Rebalance is full of activities to keep you on track and encouraged.

16 videos consisting of lessons, tips, and recipes deliver new information in simple and straightforward manner.  Laura talks to you like a patient in her office, sharing science, stories, and encouragement.  

Recipes & Meal Planning
Traditional diets are restrictive and boring!  R&R teaches you how to plan your meals and balance your plate.  Learn how to modify some of your favorite meals, or try some of 30+ recipes Laura shares during the program.

Journal Entries
Decisions about wellness are often fueled by emotions.  Weekly journals will make you reflect upon the past, help you understand why you make the choices you do, and help you predict and overcome future challenges.

Nutrition Counseling
Live in person or by video chat!  Take your progress a step further with personalized nutrition counseling sessions.
These optional packages connect you with one of the dietitians from Summerfield Custom Wellness.  You choose the amount of personalized coaching that fits your needs and budget.  You may be able to use insurance or FSA/HSA funds as well! 

Get social
Join a social network of people like you!  Meet others in the program, share your favorite recipes, and grow your support network beyond the 8-week program.

*Results may vary by individual

You are in control!  Online & Self-paced. You choose your start date.  You choose your meals.  You determine your goals.

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